Is There Free Funding for Care?

Free funding for care is something that many people desperately search for. People can end up juggling care for their children as well as their parents. This can take a significant emotional toll on people, because currently in the UK, it is widely reported in the media that our social care system often fails people and families have to step in. Also, the cost of care (whether at home or in a residential facility) is still often very high. Families are left looking for options about what they can do to fund care, particularly when the average care home fee amounts to around £44,000 per year. So, is there free funding for care?

If an individual has a primary health need, they should qualify for free funding of care

There is a financial lifeline for people deemed to have a primary health need. NHS Continuing Healthcare funding is full funding for care when a person has a primary health need. This includes both health and social care.

Simply put, if someone has a primary health need, and their needs arise out of their health, then their care should be fully funded by the NHS.

What does the NHS Continuing Healthcare process involve?

Anybody can request consideration for NHS Continuing Healthcare funding and start the ball rolling. There are several stages to NHS Continuing Healthcare: an initial checklist, followed later by a full assessment which you can read about here.

The stages can be complex. People can find themselves tripped up by the technicalities, and because there is no definitive legal definition of a primary health need, there’s a lot of room for interpretation which means that some people can be wrongly deemed to be ineligible.

Does NHS Continuing Healthcare cover home care?

Yes. There’s no specific limit to NHS Continuing Healthcare in either the levels of funding or the type of package delivered to people. This means that NHS Continuing Healthcare funding can cover care home costs, places in a residential facility and care delivered to a person living in their own home.

Find out more about NHS Continuing Healthcare

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