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The NHS has an obligation to fund residential, home or nursing care fees where the need arises from a “primary health need”.

Many people are not getting the funding they are entitled to, either because they don’t realise they are eligible, or because they have been wrongly assessed as ineligible. Instead they are having to find the money to fund their care out of their hard-earned savings and assets. With average care home fees at £650 per week, this could add up over a single year to a significant amount of money paid out in error. There are many regions in the country where you could double this weekly fee. That’s your hard-earned life savings or the money you have invested in your home gone, money that your family could be entitled to recover.

As a firm specialising in recovery of care fees, we are passionate about ensuring our clients receive the funding for their care that they are entitled to. Choosing Just Caring Legal to act on your behalf will maximise your chances of successfully applying for NHS Continuing Healthcare, or seeking a refund if you have already been asked to pay out.

What will Just Caring Legal do for you?

  • We will construct carefully written arguments to make your case as robust as possible when seeking NHS Continuing Healthcare funding.
  • If we believe your loved one may have been wrongly assessed as ineligible for NHS Continuing Healthcare funding,
    we will guide you through the complex appeals process and ensure you do not miss vital deadlines.
  • We can mount effective challenges against local authorities that unlawfully require ‘third-party top up fees’ to be paid for care costs.
  • Experienced staff will cut through the jargon and complexity and explain everything to you in a way you can understand and in turn we will minimise your worries and you will have more precious time to spend with your family.
  • Ultimately, we will take the stress out of what is often a highly emotional and distressing experience for families.
  • We will maximise your chances of a successfully recovering NHS Continuing Healthcare and offer a holistic service to successfully and efficiently cater for your needs.